Voices & Votes Exhibit Advertisement
Voices & Votes: Democracy in America is a traveling Smithsonian exhibit centered around the history of voting. I was given a logo & photo assets in order to promote the exhibit coming to Magnolia, Arkansas. 
For the poster, my goal was to get people interested in the story behind each image, and what their connection to each other was. I opted to connect the two images with a splash of red, white, and blue, signaling the strong connection to American political history. I also utilized the font, Gotham, due to its strong associations with politics and voting. The juxtaposition of each photo allows for a visual contrast of the future and the past, which emphasizes the historical aspect of the exhibit.

I also designed a version of this poster in a horizontal format, to be displayed as an ad on TVs around campus.
Last but not least, the exhibit needed to be promoted around town. I designed postcards to be sent out by mail, reminding people to go check out the exhibit. For the Save the Date card, I used a repetition of circles to create rhythm within the design. I also incorporated the black and white image used on the previous advertisements to really tie them all together.
By the time I needed to create a Grand Opening card, I was worried that anything too same-y would fade into background noise for people. I wanted the Grand Opening card to convey that this was a special event. Instead of utilizing imagery, I opted to use typography and color to unite this postcard with the rest of the promotions. The bold typography, combined with the American flag, creates a strong visual that is hard to ignore.
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